9 Key Elements in Driving School Homepages

Dec 21, 2014

Your website reflects the image of your business.


Okay, so you've had your website for a while.

It's an important piece in any business.

But is your website reflecting the image you want to portray to your clients?

Is it going to keep your potential pupils engaged and make them go for your lessons?

As you know the most important page on a website is the home page, it gets the majority of the traffic, therefore needs to work. It's your shop window, the company's virtual front door.

From this page your potential pupil will make their minds up about your company therefore the graphics need to be sharp and engaging but most importantly it needs to contain key elements that will convert visitors into students.

9 Key Elements in Driving School Homepages


1. Headline or Slogan

Your headline only has 3 seconds to get the attention of the person that landed in your website. So your headline needs to be simple (3 to 7 words), be clear, be different, stand out.

2. Sub-headline or description

This should be a brief description of what you offer, the benefits of learning with you and what sets you aside from other ADIs.

Also mention the main areas you cover (with a link to the page) so it confirms you are his local instructor.

3. Features or Services

List all the services so at a glance they can see what you can offer them. In these busy times they need to realise quickly that they've arrive to the right page.

4. Clear Navigation or Menu

Visitors don't have time to work out complicated menus. Make their experience easy with a clear navigation system that leads them easily to what they are looking for.

call_to_action.jpg5. Call To Actions (CTA)

Is good to put at least a couple of CTA so they can interact with you, such as a request call back form, a link to a special offer page or sometimes a link to a very useful information that they will appreciate an therefore trust you.

6. Testimonials

Testimonials are powerful indicators of trust. Show a few quotes in your homepage. Adding the name and if you are permitted, a photo, will show that the testimony is real.

7. Special Offers and Promotions

Find a good spot in the layout of the homepage to place clever graphics with offers that will convince the students to book lessons with you.

Make them bold, make them pop.

8. Engaging Graphics

If possible try not to use many stock photos, but if you do don't use what everybody else is using. Be different.

Having a good photo of your existing pupil (if they agree) will give that real factor, because they won't look like posing models.

9. Online Payment


If you accept online payments, is a good idea to mention it on your homepage so the potential student is aware of the convenient payment option.

See the benefits of accepting online payments in this video.

It might seem that is a lot to fit in one page and you don't have to put all of it, but if you place it cleverly, it will influence your visitor to book lessons with you or at least keep you as an option.

If the layout is a mess or doesn't get the right information across, he's gone!...and won't remember you at all.



So how many of these elements does your website have?

Our mission is to help driving schools get the most out of their websites, so we are offering free homepage assessment. Sign up here to get yours checked.


Elizabeth Lopez

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