Designing websites for driving schools

Dec 21, 2014


My thoughts

Great driving school website designs are not all about bright colour graphics, fancy animations and overusing technology. In my opinion, the most important thing in design is placing the right information in the right places. Strategic layout blocks and deciding when to make things colourful play a big part in design. I tend to base these decisions on the type of information we need to convey.


Design is so subjective so I try not to tell others what to do, or stick to set rules. I work in a great team so we always share and play with ideas, after we agree on an idea we like, we present it to our clients.


Sketching / drafting ideas


Sometimes choosing the right colours can be challenging so I love it when clients know exactly what they want. However, some colour combinations are just not right! this is when tools such as Coolers come in handy. Sketching page layout is the easy part for me but i am better inspired when I truly understand the exact needs of a project (the information the clients want to communicate with their audience).



User interface / Navigation

Modern technologies have given us so many options for navigations and user interface and I see many web designers overuse UI and end up with confusing navigation. I often leave the UI till after we finalise the page layouts, and for that beautiful look and feel, I experiment with combination of colours, fonts, icons and other design elements.


I will share and discuss future designs so stay tuned for my periodic posts.

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Josh w Carpenter

Design director and sales manager at DSW Pro