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General FAQs

How long will it take to build my site?

We estimate 2 week for both our Standard and Plus site, providing clients have their content ready and available to us.

We encourage clients to take the "48 hour DSW Pro Site" approach as this option will get you started with search engine submission and indexing sooner rather then later.


It takes just 5 simple steps to get that perfect websites for your business.

  1. Decide which of our two website options is suitable for your needs then visit 123-Reg.co.uk and register a domain. alternatively you could instruct us to buy the domain on your behalf.
  2. Browse through our Generic Design Library and choose a Startup Structure for your website content.
  3. Once you have actioned step1 and step2, you could access our order form and submit your request. We will then build your website based on the options in your instructions, then we will provide you access to add content with one of our CMS administrators.
  4. Finalise your content along with Meta Data, then we will submit the website to Google and the rest of the Search Engines as soon as your domain name is active.
  5. FINAL STEP... At this point, your website is live and being indexed by Google and the rest of the Search Engines, Our design team will be communicating with you to get your custom design done. This is also the best time for you to start advertising your website to your prospective market.

Do you provide domains?



We have partnered with one of UK's leading domain name providers so we are able to purchase domain names on your behalf. However, we encourage clients to purchase their own domain name so they always have total control of their domains.

Do you provide web hosting?


We provide reliable web hosting and we encourage you to host with us. our own website is on the same server and if we did not believe that we have partnered with a reliable hosting company, we wouldn't be hosted by them!

I already have domain registered and a hosting, how can I get a DSW Pro site?

You having a registered domain and hosting server could actually save us all some time. however, we will need to check if your web server is fit to host our chosen CMS system. It's a very quick and simple test that we will perform for you, you don't need to worry about doing anything!

I already have a website, can I switch to a DSW Pro website?


We are able to replicate your existing website to our CMS system then push it to replace your site while maintaining your good position in Google. We often improve clients' Google status, that is usually the motive for the clients to switch to us.

we do this in 3 steps process.


(1) We develop a new website on our web server, using our chosen CMS platform, this platform has great tools for ADI websites.

(2) We will copy the content from your existing website, we will improve the way the content is laid out and presented.

(3) This final step, we will point your domain to the new site and wait for propagations, as soon as the new website is accessible online, we will shut the old website down and submit a new sitemap.XML file to Google and all the other major search engines.

I am aware that my current website was built on Word Press but it is not mobile optimised, Do I have to switch DSW Pro site for responsive design?


Word Press is the only CMS system that comes close to the quality of our chosen CMS, so we also develop and designs for Word Press sites.

I pay monthly premium for a hosted website service, how can I switch to DSW Pro site?

Very simple, we do everything for you and you don't pay any more than you are already paying to your current service providers. We actually encourage any driving school who is paying a monthly subscription for a website to switch to us.

Here are the reasons to switch to us...

1 We don't restrict you to how many pages you can create, you can create unlimited pages.


2 As well as you having total access to edit your content, wherever you have internet access, our CMS admins are obligated to update your content for you as you could be too busy on the road teaching.


3 You can own the site whenever you want, and have it moved to any web hosting of your choice.

I want full control and manage my own content, how easy is the DSW Pro CMS system?

Our chosen CMS system is powerful yet very easy to master. We will provide all the training you need and if you need reminding of anything, you can simply drop us an email or call us on 0208 133 8334.

Why do you say that DSW Pro websites are the best solutions for driving schools?

Please take a moment and watch our short video presentation and you will understand why we claim to offer the best solution for individual driving instructors and driving schools.

How do I get a DSW Pro website for free?

Check our Facebook page for offers.

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